2754 Creek Hill Rd
Leola, PA  17540

ph - 800-441-9692
fx - 717-656-6892

Name Position Phone
Mr. William Tell President 717-656-5356
Mr. Logan Tell Executive Vice President 717-656-5350
Mr. Bob Hasty VP of Marketing 717-656-5355
Mr. Rollie Rittner VP of Sales 248-840-3791
Mr. Eric Himmelberger VP of Operations 717-656-5345
Mr. Gerald (Jerry) Wilcox VP of Government Sales 410-336-8037
Mr. Chuck Sarkis VP of Government Sales - Southeast Region 561-379-6679
Mr. John Lamb Director of Government Business Development 717-656-5344 Cell: 610-547-2781
Mr. Michael Carrington Middle East Regional Director 966-59-987-4433 (Saudi Arabia) 971-50-176-5753 (Dubai)
Mr. Faisal Khawaja International Sales & Marketing Manager 966-59-452-4425 (Saudi Arabia) 1-647-995-4651 (USA)
Mr. Mark Lawrence Controller 717-656-5343
Mr. John Roperti Materials Manager 717-656-5319
Mr. Stephen Snyder Product Data Manager & Engineering Support 717-656-5329
Mr. Lynn Eisenhauer Product Manager, Exits and Closer 717-656-5325
Mr. Dave MacPherson Credit Manager 717-656-5313
Ms. Diane M. Hirst Customer Service Manager 717-656-5358
Mr. Tom Massey Quoting Specialist 717-656-5335
Ms, Jamie Catania Customer Service 717-656-5337
Ms Allison Chandler Customer Service 717-656-5314
Ms. Saliann Barber Customer Service 717-656-5334
Ms. Kate Ruth HR 717-656-5342
PDQ Catalog Request 717-656-4281
PDQ Customer Service - General 717-656-4281