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The American Eagle 6200 Series is a rim or surface vertical rod device. Surface vertical rod devices feature  top and bottom pullman latch bolts that are dead locking where applicable. The rails are constructed of extruded aluminum and feature  stainless steel touch pads. All 6200 devices are furnished with metal chassis covers and end caps.

Units are available for non-labeled as well as fire labeled doors. Non-labeled devices feature hex key dogging standard and cylinder dogging as an option.  Optional electrical latch retraction,  electric dogging, alarm and monitor switches are available.

The 6200 can be ordered with a variety of trim options including heavy duty escutcheon and heavy duty rose trim. Sectional trim can be supplied with PDQ's Philadelphia, Boston or Miami levers. All devices are furnished standard with sex nuts.

Devices are listed by U.L./U.L.C. and comply with U.L. 10C and UBC 7-2 (1997) for positive pressure. ANSI/BHMA Certified Grade 1, A156.3 2001 Exit Devices.  The 6200 carries a 10-year limited warranty on mechanical components and 1 year limited warranty on electrical components.  6200 Series Cut Down Information



6200 Series Specs

CHASSIS: Cadmium plated steel
RAIL: Extruded aluminum
TOUCH PAD: Stainless steel
LATCH BOLT: Stainless steel dead locking / 3/4” throw Rim / 5/8” throw SVR
STRIKE: Roller strike standard for non-fire labeled devices.
PROJECTION: 3-1/8” projection / 1-5/8” projection when dogged
HAND: Device and trim are non-handed
DOGGING: Hex key dogging standard / Cylinder dogging optional / No dogging on fire labeled devices
APPLICATION: Rim or surface vertical rod (8’0” tall door standard) / For 161 Prep order Optional Strike # 629036
STILE WIDTH: 4-1/4” minimum
Optional kit available for doors up to 2 1/4".  Contact Customer Service
DOOR WIDTH: Supplied Standard for 3 ft doors “A” size for 3’2”- 4’0” door maximum
*Consult Door Width Chart to determine correct device for your application.
DEVICE FINISHES: Polished brass, satin brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin chrome and satin stainless steel
FASTENERS: Sex nuts and bolts standard
CERTIFICATION: U.L./U.L.C. listed for “Panic”, “Fire Exit hardware” labeled for up to 3 hour for 4’0” x 8’0” maximum single, 8’0” x 8’0”
maximum pairs / Complies with U.L. 10C and UBC 7.2 (1997).  ANSI/BHMA Certified Grade 1, A156.3 2001 Exit Devices.
WARRANTY: Ten (10) year limited warranty mechanical, One Year limited warranty electrical components

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How to Order

 Please refer to door width chart to determine maximum cut down widths