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mullionThe PDQ/AE 9200 series keyed removable mullions are for use with our 4200 and 6200 series Rim Exit Devices on non fire or fire rated pairs of doors. They are designed for quick removal from the top bracket by a simple operation of the rim cylinder when a clear, unobstructed large opening is required. Once the mullion is removed, carts, gurneys, large machinery and the like can freely pass through the opening. When the mullion is re-installed, the unit will self lock in place without the need for the key. Each keyed removable mullion set includes top and bottom bracket set, mullion tube, and shims. Rim Cylinder is sold separately.

TUBE DIMENSIONS: 2” W x 3” D / 1/8” wall thickness / 11 Guage steel tube
SIZE: 8’ and 10’ sizes available in Fire and Non-Fire Rated styles
COLOR: Gray Baked Powder Coating
CERTIFICATION: UL Rated by UL 10B / UL10S standard
WARRANTY: One (1) year limited warranty