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The  American Eagle 7100 Series features a  full rack and pinion construction,  heavy duty cast iron closer body, forged steel main arm and full architectural cover. Hydraulic control is accomplished  through separate hex key non-critical sweep, latch and backcheck valve adjustments. A Backcheck positioning valve provides consistent backcheck range on parallel arm applications. Optional delayed action (in lieu of backcheck) is effective from maximum opening to approximately 70 degrees. Closers are non-handed, suitable for regular, top jamb and parallel arm applications and come with fasteners for wood and metal doors and frames. Sex nuts and bolts are also furnished standard. Spring adjustment is provided throughout a range of sizes 1-6 and is capable of meeting barrier free force restrictions. All products carry a 25-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. The 7100 performs to the requirements of ANSI A156.4 Grade 1.



 7100 Series Specifications




Rack and pinion design


High strength cast iron


Forged steel main arm / Flat style arm assembly / Optional hold open arm / Optional DS/DSHO heavy parallel duty stop arm


Adjustable controlled closing / Separate hydraulic back check standard / Back check positioning valve standard / Separate sweep, latch, backcheck intensity and backcheck positioning valves / Optional delayed action (in lieu of back check)


Adjustable size 1-6 / Can meet 5 lbf. and 8.5 lbf. barrier free force requirements


Tri-packed for regular, top jamb and parallel arm installations / Fasteners for wood and metal doors and frames / Sex nuts and bolts standard /Retrofits LCN 4040 Series


Full plastic cover standard 


Sprayed aluminum, dark duranodic bronze and gold / Optional polished brass and polished chrome architectural finishes


Meets the requirements of the Buy American Act


Conforms with the requirements of ANSI A156.4 Grade 1 / Meets requirements of ANSI A117.1 and ADA


Twenty-five (25) year limited warranty 






Arch Spec Doc

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