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Gain peace of mind and unprecedented control with PDQ SMART™
PDQ SMART™ is a breakthrough in access management from PDQ. It combines cloud-hosted technology, intuitive interfaces, powerful features and 30+ years of industry-leading hardware experience to put complete control of who can enter and exit your facility right at your fingertips. From a single door to a multi-location facility, it’s never been easier to manage access remotely.
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Installing in 30 minutes or less, PDQ SMART™ eliminates mechanical keys and other hardwired devices by turning your smart devices into keys. It easily retrofits into most facilities and is controlled by an intuitive, user-friendly app and web-based portal.

PDQ SMART™ uses NSA-level encryptions, a protected in the cloud portal and PDQ’s world-class line of commercial locks and exit devices. It eliminates the need to manage and track physical keys.

Designed to grow with your needs, PDQ SMART™ is capable of operating as a simple offline system to a robust, cloud-hosted access management system. It’s able to accommodate a range of facilities – from single door offices to multi-location setups such as rental properties, adding new locks in seconds.

The power of PDQ SMART™ comes in its cloud-hosted technology, allowing the management and monitoring of a facility’s access points from anywhere at anytime. A robust suite of features, such as lock audit trails, user management and remote unlocking, creates a complete, innovative solution.

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