7 Problems that pdqSMART locks can help solve

1. Key Management

Whether you're managing a 100-unit multi-family building, or just your own key ring, there's a better way! Why carry around keys when you don't have to? With pdqSMART locks, you can unlock your door with a smartphone, smartwatch, PIN code, smart remote, RFID card, or even an old-school key. For a multi-family buildings keyless locks eliminate the need to manage keys between tenants, replace lost keys or re-key locks when tenants leave!

2. Temporary Access

Think of all of the people you feel comfortable granting temporary access to your home, but who you don't want to have a key. That's pretty much everyone! With pdqSMART locks, you can quickly and easily schedule access. Create a code that stipulates the day, entry time and how long a person can have access. If your dog walker comes every weekday at 2 pm, they don't need access on the weekends!   

3. Time Management

For property managers, emergencies always happen at the worst possible time. Sunday afternoon, and the tenant in Unit 310, a single mom, is calling in a panic, “Water is pouring from my neighbor’s unit and she’s not home. Send somebody to fix it NOW!” Is there an alternative to driving across town to let the plumber in? Yes, with pdqSMART the property manager contacts the plumber and messages him an access invite to the building on his smartphone. The plumber enters the code in his pdqSMART app and just like that he can now enter 310’s neighbor’s unit and save the day. In fact, you have the power to manage access at any time for anybody, from anywhere in the world - a visiting nurse, dog walker or even your personal yoga instructor.

4. Cost/Expenses

Having to rekey when a tenant leaves is a thing of the past with smart locks. Just delete the old tenant's access code and issue a new code to the new tenant. Upgrading your building to keyless smart locks won't break the bank. pdqSMART installs in the same mounting holes as the old locks dramatically reducing the labor time required to make the swap. 

5. Audit Trail

With an audit trail you can tell exactly who accessed each door, and when! Did someone leave the fitness room a mess? Who let a raccoon into the lobby? Smart locks turn you into a regular Sherlock Holmes.  The mystery is quickly and easily solved by checking the audit trail... and volia', you have the culprit!

6. Self-Guided Tours

During these times when we're all trying to limit our exposure to people and their germs, an open house doesn't quite work. With pdqSMART locks, you can issue prospective tenants an access code to enter the building without you ever having to be there! It saves you time and is super convenient and comfortable for potential tenants. Wouldn't it be great to be able to walk around the apartment without the property manager there, watching your every move and trying to make small talk?

7. Peace of Mind

Never leave home again wondering if you locked your door! With pdqSMART locks, you can set your preferences to automatically lock the door after exiting. 


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