Retrofits are Easy with pdqSMART

An owner’s dilemma: All our properties have different locks. Anne Arundel Acres’ portfolio was built through acquisitions and we are just now beginning to build our own properties. How do we blend the old and the new? Managing keys to them all is challenging enough. Can smart locks improve our efficiency and productivity?

Those were questions Molly’s boss posed to her when she suggested pdqSMART. He had a point. She called in her security professional since he would surely know. He listened to her questions and agreed, “Yeah, you guys have four different brands across your properties. No wonder it’s a challenge.” Molly thought for sure the idea of adding smart locks was going to be a dead issue. “But the good news,” he continued, “is that retrofitting pdqSMART locks on all your buildings and doors is surprisingly easy and affordable. It is one of the reasons we like it; we can cover everything, even the gate over at Mill Run.” Molly smiled. This could work.

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