Welcome to our new home

PDQ Manufacturing began in 1983 as an importer and reseller of commercial door hardware. Continuously owned by Bill Tell and a partner and the sole owner since 1988, the family business started taking a different – and decidedly more positive — direction in 1991 when the company’s Japanese supplier fell on hard times. That’s when Bill decided to begin designing, manufacturing and assembling its own products rather than seek a new supplier of finished goods. While the transition to local manufacturing took more than five years to fulfill, that was the catalyst that ultimately made a new purpose-built building necessary many years later. Designing and manufacturing the company’s own products gave PDQ considerably more flexibility to develop and launch new lines, which opened up access to more new markets and applications than ever before.

In the past several years, it was clear from sales trends that PDQ was going to outgrow its 48,000 square foot facility sooner than later. In fact, most of the finished goods inventory already required an offsite warehouse. Containing growth and maintaining the existing facility just wasn’t in the cards, so Bill made the decision to commission a new building.

Construction began in late 2017, and by November 2018, PDQ completed the move to its brand new $8.5 million facility. The 80,000 square foot building consolidates all the manufacturing and administrative functions, and adds a showroom, additional warehouse space, an expanded keying department, plus a state-of-the art test lab. Situated on 7.8 acres in a Class A multi-use business park, the facility can be further expanded by another 30,000 square feet in the future.

To prepare for the move, PDQ leadership and management built up a 2-month supply of the most common products to reduce the impact of shipping delays, then gave customers advanced alerts encouraging them to release orders early to ship before the move. The PDQ sales team coordinated large project due dates with customers to ensure they received what they needed on time. We acknowledge that there were a few hiccups, and for that we apologize to anyone who was affected by a shipping interruption. But for the most part, Bill and the entire staff are proud of how the team rallied to keep everyone as happy as possible.

Being a family business means a great deal to Bill. The transition to a new building is the culmination of a dream, positioning the company for the day when son Logan will succeed him. But family extends beyond our house: Bill has made countless relationships with PDQ customers all over the country and considers you all very much a part of our family. We look forward to the day when you can visit us and take some credit for helping us grow.

Now, about that expansion…