No Keys, No Problem.

Smartphones add convenience and make our lives easier…you can order transportation, pay bills and even unlock your apartment door. Young or old, pdqSMART lets tenants operate their door lock however they feel comfortable. Whether it’s from a smartphone or a traditional key, it’s easy to make every tenant happy, even the cranky ones.

Here are 5 reasons why ditching your keys will make your life easier!

1. You can't loose your keys if you don't have any! - We've all heard Adam Sandler's song "Phone Wallet Keys". When leaving home, why not minimize what you have to remember to just your phone and wallet! 

2. Speaking of leaving your keys at home - how inconvenient is it to go on a run and have to figure out how to keep a house key on your body? Have you ever left your house unlocked just so you don't have to carry your keys? With SMART locks, you don't have to make that sacrifice! Lock your house AND run key free!

3. Have you ever locked yourself out of the house? That usually happens when you're in a rush and forget your keys on the counter. With a SMART lock, keys are a thing of the past! You can't lock your keys in the house if you don't have keys!

4. Do you have people that need access to your house at specific times like a cleaning person, or dog walker? While you might trust them, ideally they wouldn't have full access to your house whenever they please (which with a key they would!) With SMART locks, you can schedule access, and easily revoke access if needed!

5. Are you rushing to get home before your kids get off the bus? With SMART locks, your kids can easily let themselves into the house (without the chance of  losing theirkey on the bus) so you don't have to worry about a speeding ticket trying to beat them home!    

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