It's Not a Dream...

SMART Locks give you the level of control you've been waiting for.

“The entertainment room is a mess again. Why did we never put a camera on that door?” Audrey wondered. “Come to think of it, did the pool guy actually come by this week and check on our supplies? How can I figure out who is doing what and when it’s happening?” Audrey pondered all this and then realized she just needed to check the Events tab in her pdqSMART Portal.

Audrey, Woodland Estates’ tenacious property manager/hero, pulled up the Events tab in the portal from her desk and looked at who accessed the entertainment room last. “Yep, figures” she muttered to herself. She knew exactly who the culprit was. “Ok, now let’s see if the pool guy did his job; Right, Tuesday at 10:53 am he went into the pool supplies room,” she said out loud, sitting back in her chair. Now she just needs to e-mail the resident about the mess in the entertainment room.

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