Manage Building Access in a Crisis - Quickly and Easily!

Sunday afternoon, and the resident in Unit 310 is calling in a panic, “Water is pouring from my neighbor’s unit and she’s not home. Send somebody to fix it NOW!” Is there an alternative to driving across town to let the plumber in?

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Absolutely, if you are Audrey, the property manager at Woodland Estates. Audrey is also an administrator on their property’s pdqSMART access control system. Audrey finishes the call with the resident and then calls Dave, her trusted plumber. She lets Dave know that 310’s neighbor is flooding and then messages him an access invite to the building on his smartphone. Dave gets the text from Audrey with the unique secure invite code. He enters the code in his pdqSMART app and just like that he can now enter 310’s neighbor’s unit and save the day. In fact, you have the power to manage access at any time for anybody -- a visiting nurse, dog walker or even your personal yoga instructor.

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