Reel in More Tenants with Keyless Entry

Competition for tenants is fierce. They are attracted to progressive properties that offer convenience, safety and security. For older properties, the cost of upgrading to smart lock technology has always been out of reach.

What if a smart lock were affordable enough to pay for itself in operational savings? pdqSMART has driven down the cost of smart lock technology through innovation and American ingenuity. Our locks are designed to retrofit easily onto your doors and not break the bank. All you need is a screwdriver and 4 AA alkaline batteries!

The first question Molly’s boss at Anne Arundel Acres asked was “How much is this going cost?” Molly was prepared, as she had worked with her local vendor to get an accurate estimate on pdqSMART access control and how much they could potentially save by switching away from traditional keyed locks. Armed with the data she was able to show an ROI of just 3 years even without charging the tenants a technology premium. Her boss said “OK, let’s give it a try.” There’s a win for Molly.

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