Ditch the Keys for Good

Smartphones add convenience and make our lives easier…you can order transportation, pay bills and even unlock your apartment door. Young or old, pdqSMART lets tenants operate their door lock however they feel comfortable. Whether it’s from a smartphone or a traditional key, it’s easy to make every tenant happy, even the cranky ones.

“But I don’t want to use a smart phone! How will I get in?” The guy in 402 has already told everyone he isn’t using his phone as a key. Then there’s Mrs. Sommers who is like 100 years old and probably doesn’t even own a cell phone. To Molly, Anne Arundel Acres’ intrepid property manager, these seemed like huge roadblocks to upgrading to smart technology.

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Molly, Anne Arundle’s property manager/hero, pondered this question as she pulled up the pdqSMART website. “Pin codes, key fobs, RFID cards and even traditional keys. Oh, it can’t be that simple, can it?” She asked herself. Each tenant can have it any way they want, including multiple options, all on the same lock. Young or old, pdqSMART is the solution for all of them.

See the many other ways pdqSMART makes Molly a hero to her boss and her tenants!

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