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      June 1, 2024

      Unlocking Value: A Guide to Value Engineering in Door Hardware

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      In today’s competitive market, achieving cost efficiency without sacrificing quality is crucial. Value engineering is a pivotal strategy in the door hardware industry, enabling manufacturers to maximize value through systematic analysis and innovative redesign. This approach leads to significant cost savings and enhanced functionality. 

      Unlike cutting corners, value engineering optimizes materials, processes, and designs to produce superior, durable products. It ensures robust, reliable door hardware solutions tailored to diverse needs without compromising performance.

      Understanding Value Engineering

      Value engineering, especially in the context of door hardware, is a strategic approach that focuses on optimizing the functionality, cost, and quality of products without making compromises. So, what is value engineering? It is a systematic method used by hardware manufacturers like PDQ Manufacturing to analyze and improve the value of their products. In the realm of door hardware, value means achieving the perfect balance between cost-efficiency, high performance, and durability.

      A quality hardware design depends on the application of value engineering principles. This doesn't imply compromising on the essential aspects of strength and durability. For instance, PDQ Manufacturing employs rigorous engineering techniques to ensure that every component of our door hardware meets stringent standards for both security and longevity.

      In practical terms, value engineering involves examining every aspect of the product lifecycle—from material selection to manufacturing processes—to find innovative ways to enhance performance while reducing costs. This could mean substituting materials with equally strong but more cost-effective alternatives or refining manufacturing processes to minimize waste and improve efficiency. PDQ’s commitment to strength and durability in our door hardware exemplifies how value engineering principles can lead to superior products.

      Importance of Value Engineering in Door Hardware

      Value engineering plays a pivotal role in optimizing door hardware design, ensuring that products not only enhance functionality but also minimize costs. For PDQ, our goal is to improve product performance and durability without inflating expenses. This balance is achieved through a meticulous process that evaluates materials, manufacturing techniques, and design efficiencies.

      Who is BHMA

      In the context of industrial lock and hardware, adhering to stringent standards is non-negotiable. The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) standards are a benchmark for quality, setting rigorous criteria for strength, durability, and performance. Door hardware tested to BHMA standards ensures that every product can withstand the demands of both residential and commercial applications, providing consumers with reliable and long-lasting solutions.

      Adapting to market demands and competitive pricing is crucial for successful hardware manufacturers. Consumers often overpay for branded products, unaware of lower-cost, high-quality alternatives. Architects often outsource specification writing services to high-cost branded manufacturers, who write very expensive hardware into no substitute specifications, driving up costs. By considering alternatives, they can improve project value without sacrificing quality. Value engineering enables manufacturers to create hardware that meets standards and offers superior quality at a better price, benefiting clients and projects alike.

      By leveraging value engineering principles, manufacturers can cater to a savvy market that prioritizes both cost-efficiency and high performance. This approach not only drives down production costs but also enhances product reliability and longevity, ensuring that consumers receive the best value for their investment. As a result, value-engineered door hardware stands out in a competitive market, offering robust, cost-effective solutions that do not compromise on quality.

      Benefits of Value Engineering in Door Hardware

      Value engineering offers numerous benefits for both hardware manufacturers and consumers in the realm of industrial lock and hardware design. Here are the key benefits:

      Cost Optimization

        - Reduces material costs by identifying efficient alternatives.

        - Streamlines manufacturing processes to enhance efficiency and reduce waste.

      Performance Enhancement

        - Enhances product reliability through innovative design and material selection.

        - Ensures products meet industry standards efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction and market competitiveness.

      Value engineering is not just about cutting costs but rather optimizing every aspect of the production process to deliver high-quality, durable, and cost-effective door hardware. By embracing value engineering principles,  PDQ is able to elevate our offerings while meeting consumer demands effectively.

      Examples of Value Engineering in Door Hardware

      Value engineering in door hardware design showcases innovative approaches that enhance durability and reduce costs. For instance, redesigning hardware to increase durability while lowering production expenses is a common practice among hardware manufacturers. Innovations in locking mechanisms enhance security without additional costs, and using advanced materials reduces weight without compromising strength. Automating manufacturing processes also improves efficiency and consistency, ensuring high-quality outputs.

      PDQ Manufacturing exemplifies these principles through our mission of Speed, Value, and Ease. PDQ provides fast quotes and quick masterkeying turnarounds, reflecting our commitment to speed. Their products are competitively priced and certified by BHMA, UL, and BAA, ensuring top-notch quality and value. Additionally, PDQ simplifies the purchasing process with straightforward pricing and the convenience of being a single manufacturer, making us a preferred partner in the industry.

      Achieve Cost Efficiency Without Compromising on Quality With PDQ


      In today's competitive market, achieving cost efficiency without compromising on quality is paramount. Value engineering has emerged as a pivotal strategy in the door hardware industry, enabling manufacturers and consumers alike to maximize value through systematic analysis and innovative redesign. By focusing on optimizing materials, processes, and designs, value engineering ensures robust, reliable, and cost-effective door hardware solutions that meet stringent standards of strength and durability.

      Ready to experience the benefits of value-engineered door hardware? Contact us today to discover how PDQ Manufacturing can provide you with top-quality, value-engineered door hardware solutions at competitive prices.

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