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    Talk to an Expert


      Talk to an Expert

      We spoke to dozens of smart-lock manufacturers. PDQ offered the highest quality products in the market, with a wide range of options that could last much longer than the others. We also love that their products are designed and assembled in the USA.

      Paul BodellChief Executive Officer

      There is an underserved market for wireless locks and traditional lock manufacturers lack the resources to navigate it successfully. Korelock chose to partner with PDQ in order to fulfill this growing commercial and SMB market need.

      Grant WalterChief Executive Officer

      I'm thrilled we chose PDQ to partner with for developing our revolutionary hospitality locking solution. I've found PDQ's hardware expertise and flexibility absolutely critical to the success of our products development and deployment.

      Kabir MaigaChief Executive Officer

      Your partner every step of the way

      PDQ is one of the leading OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM ( Original Design Manufacturer) suppliers for electronic locking solutions in the North America.

      Budget Friendly

      Our unique model allows you to start a project with no upfront cost and no purchasing commitment. Bring your novel product to market without spending any capital which could otherwise be used for marketing and business development. 

      Comprehensive Offering

      Every lock model, trim package or finish option immediately becomes available to you on day one. This means never having to worry about product availability and flexibility to deliver an important project for your customers. 

      Integration Support

      We offer hardware, firmware or software defined integration models. No matter which option you choose for your product, we provide the necessary support to deliver the solution you require in the shortest amount of time.

      Simplified Certification

      Take advantage of existing BHMA and UL certifications through our multiple listing service. Our Intertek certified test-lab offers additional testing such as environmental chamber, salt-fog, force, cycle, battery and more. 

      Expert Fulfillment

      Let us handle your inventory, packaging and delivery. There's no need to stock product in your warehouse without an order. We can deliver on-demand with drop-shipping available.

      Consult with An Expert

      PDQ’s experts have been providing customers with high-quality products and services for over 40 years. Contact us today for more information on how we can support your business.