Simple, flexible lean files that save you time
Simple, flexible and “light” Revit models (hardware set families) that will help you design, coordinate and specify the door hardware for your Revit project. The PDQ Revit files are fully parametric, offer excellent performance, and they don’t add a lot of weight to your project file. The files are optimized for 3D and 2D Views.

Developed in cooperation with a professional architect
PDQ partnered with Revitus, a professional Revit Content Development firm to build the new library from the ground up natively in Revit. It was not developed by a manufacturer.

Prepopulates common door configurations into your work
We nested the most popular hardware items into loadable generic models for a single door and double door. They include hinges, locks, levers, closers, exit devices, and more. From these two families, nearly any combination of hardware components can be specified for as many hardware sets as you need for your project. Just place a hardware set family at each door and use our pre-configured Revit schedule to report the information you want to specify.

User-friendly content and high quality graphics
The PDQ Revit content is user friendly – it makes you more efficient and your job easier. It generates a higher level of visual details and superb graphics that will make your renderings shine. And best of all, it automatically generates an exportable door hardware schedule that can go right on your construction documents.

Give Revit a try and see how easy it makes your job
We’d like you to test drive the PDQ Revit content and give us your feedback. Our goal is to help you work quicker, more efficiently, and increase your success. Once you have had a chance to digest the information, we would like to schedule a conference call between yourself, the Revit Developer and PDQ to answer questions and get your feedback. We want to know if there is anything we can do to improve the files to better suit your needs.