Sales Rep Directory

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Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), Maine (ME), New Hampshire (NH), Rhode Island (RI), Vermont (VT)

BCS Sales, Inc.

Thomas A. Biondi

O: 860-829-0695

C: 860-916-8390

F: 877-230-1392


TJ Biondi

C: 860-874-9067


Rich Czapkowski

C: 860-860-9224


Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), Southern New Jersey (NJ) below Trenton, Eastern PA, Virginia (VA), Washington DC

Arch Resource

Peter Martindell

C: 267-218-5134

F: 301-982-5100


Marc Mangiaruga

C: 267-893-0558


Jim Clancy

O: 410-980-2888


Mike Clancy

C: 301-346-0164


Jeff Gary

C: 804-543-5555


Roger Sorensen

C: 610-704-4537


Upstate New York (East of Buffalo), New York City, Long Island, Northern New Jersey (Mercer and Middlesex counties and north)

Security and Hardware Associates and Triad Sales

Jeff Saladucha and Dave Bryant

O: 201-447-1209

C: 201-310-7668

F: 201-447-4218

O: 732-528-5658

C: 201-725-0605

F: 732-223-8396

Alabama (AL), Georgia (GA), Tennessee (TN), Mississippi (MS)

SBS Associates

Tom Southard

O: 770-923-9227

F: 770-923-9262

North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC)

SBS Associates

Tom Southard

O: 770-923-9227

F: 770-923-9262

North Florida (FL) Including Levy, Marion, Volusia, and counties to the North and West

SBS Associates

Tom Southard

O: 770-923-9227

F: 770-923-9262

South and Central Florida (FL)

J.P. Nunn Sales Group, Inc.

Joe Nunn IV

O: 954-423-4330

C: 954-707-3627

F: 954-423-4312

Ohio except Toledo and Cincinnati (OH), Western Pennsylvania (PA), Western New York (NY) Buffalo and West, West Virginia (WV)

MCN Concepts & Solutions

Marty Nicholas

O: 330-880-6884


Kentucky (KY), Indiana (IN). Butler, Warren, Hamilton, and Clermont counties in SW Ohio (OH)

Baines Builders Products

Glen Baines

O: 317-846-9440

C: 317-626-9034

Brent Giuliani

C: 859-940-1528

Minnesota (MN), North Dakota (ND), South Dakota (SD), Western Wisconsin (WI) – All counties West of and including Ashland, Price, Taylor, Clark, Jackson, and Monroe.

North Central Architectural Sales

Paul Lepeska

O: 612-256-2217


Michigan (MI), Toledo area (OH)

Rittner-French Associates

Robb Rittner

O: 800-732-4773

C: 248-651-1333

F: 248-651-2650

Iowa (IA), Southern Illinois (IL) including Peoria, Kansas (KS), Missouri (MO), Nebraska (NE)

Patterson Sales, Inc.

Richard Patterson

O: 816-221-3322

C: 816-213-7067

F: 816-221-5566

Northern Illinois (IL), Eastern Wisconsin (WI) -All counties East of and including Iron, Vilas, Oneida, Lincoln, Marathon, Wood, Juneau, and Vernon

DA Loss Associates

Jeff Loss

O: 414-384-4448

C: 414-305-1147

F: 414-384-5577

Colorado (CO), Montana (MT), Utah (UT), Wyoming (WY)


Jana Carlisle, AHC, FDAI, CDT

C: 602-501-1510


Arkansas (AR), Louisiana (LA), Oklahoma (OK), Texas (TX) excluding El Paso

Leeding Architectural

Chris Bianco

C: 972-765-7507

F: 972-534-0443


George Vaulot

C: 469-412-3107


Monica Rodriguez

C: 210-672-5544


Aaron Bates

C: 832-375-4926


Amy Frost

C: 972-799-0277

Northern California (CA), Northern Nevada (NV), Hawaii (HI)


Jana Carlisle, AHC, FDAI, CDT

C: 602-501-1510

Southern California (CA)

The Z Group

Dennis Zanrosso

O: 866-494-7687

F: 818-340-1919

Alaska (AK), Oregon (OR), Washington (WA), Idaho (ID)

Hughes/Premier Hardware Agency

Bob Laferriere

O: 253-939-8115

F: 253-288-8784

Arizona (AZ), New Mexico (NM), Las Vegas Nevada (NV), El Paso Texas (TX)

The Z Group

Don Zanrosso

O: 866-494-7687

F: 480-598-3327

Hawaii (HI), Guam (GU), Puerto Rico (PR)

Core Products Hawaii
2667 Kalanikahua Rd
Haiku, Hawaii 96708

Brad Couden, CDT>

C: 808-866-2117

Ontario, Canada

DMG Services

Dan Godon

C: 416-414-2345