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      Secure, reliable and scalable

      PDQ powered by Sera4

      A special shaped object has granted access rights to the holder for centuries. Metal keys are still used everywhere. They do their job, but they are limited. They don’t know who carries them. They have to be physically handed to someone to pass on that access right. Or, collected to revoke it. They are often misplaced or stolen.

      It’s time to move forward. We all carry smartphones. We trust computer networks to safely represent and move our money. We no longer need to carry a special object like a key, a fob or a card to get access to the most secure places.


      Case Studies

      Sera4 Secures Maru Towers Sites

      Maru Towers, a new telecom infrastructure company based in South Africa, chose Sera4 to manage physical access to sites with the Teleporte keyless access network.

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      Sera4 Protects at Exploreservice

      In Argentina’s province of San Juan, Exploreservice’s main offices and workshops store critical materials such as explosives. Exploreservice is a rock driller; excavating for the mining sector and for civil construction works, such as the layout of new roads.

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      Cerento Selects Teleporte Keyless Access Control

      Cerento designs, installs and maintains a variety of customer fixed wireless, microwave and fiber optic networks across the US. Part of Cerento’s core offering is a network management service, which monitors and maintains client networks ensuring reliable service around the clock.

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      PDQ’s experts have been providing customers with high-quality products and services for over 40 years. Contact us today for more information on how to secure your property.