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      May 1, 2024

      Corrosion Resistant Coating for Humid and Salty Climates

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      In the dynamic world of construction and design, durable door hardware is vital for architectural longevity, whether in humid tropics or salty coastal areas. Despite resilient solutions, weather challenges persist, threatening hardware integrity. Architects and engineers navigate climate complexities, highlighting durable hardware's crucial role in ensuring seamless functionality amid environmental variations. However, traditional finishes often deteriorate prematurely from prolonged exposure, necessitating costly replacements.

      Enter the W-Finish weatherized coating—a cutting-edge solution engineered to extend hardware lifespan in humid and salty climates. This innovation forms a robust barrier against corrosion and weather-induced wear, enhancing hardware durability. The W-Finish empowers architects and builders to confidently defy nature's forces, ushering in resilience and reliability in architectural design. Discover the transformative potential of this technology as it revolutionizes door hardware protection against nature's relentless elements.

      Understanding the Challenges of Corrosion

      Corrosion degrades door hardware, especially in humid climates and coastal areas. Moisture and oxygen trigger chemical reactions, accelerating corrosion. Tropical regions, with high humidity, foster ideal conditions for corrosion. Salty air compounds the issue, accelerating corrosion on door hardware.

      Coastal regions exhibit pronounced door hardware deterioration compared to inland areas, accelerated by salty air reaching up to 5-10 miles inland. Hardware near pools and water sources face heightened corrosion due to constant exposure to chlorinated water and humidity.

      Humidity, salty air, and water sources challenge door hardware longevity. Understanding and addressing these factors empower architects and builders to protect hardware from corrosion, ensuring durability across diverse environments.

      Introducing the Solution: Weatherized Door Hardware Finish

      In the ongoing battle against corrosion and weather-induced deterioration, the W-Finish weatherized coating emerges as a groundbreaking solution for metal door hardware. Engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, it significantly extends the durability and lifespan of hardware finishes. Meticulously applied, the W-Finish acts as a protective shield, shielding hardware from the damaging effects of sunlight and moisture-induced corrosion, common culprits in hardware degradation.

      Particularly effective in humid climates, where moisture accelerates corrosion, the W-Finish creates a barrier that repels moisture, preventing it from infiltrating the hardware's surface and causing exterior corrosion. Its benefits also extend to coastal areas, where salty air threatens hardware integrity. By resisting salt corrosion, this coating ensures hardware remains pristine and functional, even in corrosive coastal environments.

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      For hardware near pools and water bodies, a weatherized finish is essential. The W-Finish provides an extra layer of defense against chlorinated water and moisture exposure, reducing the risk of accelerated corrosion and prolonging the architectural finish. Its introduction marks a new era in door hardware protection, offering unparalleled resilience against weather-related damage and corrosion. By embracing this innovative solution, architects and builders can ensure the longevity and functionality of door hardware across diverse environments.

      Exploring the Technology Behind the Finish

      At the forefront of metal protective coatings, the W-Finish epitomizes innovation in corrosion-resistant technology. Crafted from a super durable polyester powder coating, this weatherized door solution offers unparalleled resilience against environmental elements. Its application involves strategically spraying a clear powder coating over the traditional finish, adding an extra layer of protection while enhancing thickness and visibility.

      The meticulous curing process further solidifies the W-Finish's reputation for durability. With a swift cure time of just 7 minutes at 400 degrees, this coating surpasses industry standards, meeting the rigorous AAMA 2603 criteria for weather durability. Environmental considerations are paramount in its development, evidenced by extensive testing including salt spray and humidity assessments, showcasing its eco-friendly credentials.

      During salt spray tests, the W-Finish demonstrated outstanding performance, exhibiting double the durability compared to our standard finish. Similarly, in humidity tests, no blistering occurred, further attesting to the coating's robustness and sustainability. The technology not only elevates door hardware protection but also upholds a commitment to environmental responsibility. As architects and builders prioritize performance and sustainability, the W-Finish shines as a beacon of excellence in protective coatings.

      Comparing Weatherized Finish with Traditional Finishes

      In comparing protective coatings for door hardware, the superiority of the W-Finish over traditional finishes is evident. While traditional options provide some protection, they pale in comparison to the robust resilience of the W-Finish. Engineered with advanced corrosion-resistant coatings, the W-Finish offers unmatched longevity and reliability.

      Despite a potentially higher initial cost, the W-Finish yields significant long-term savings by extending hardware lifespan and reducing maintenance needs. This minimizes replacement and upkeep expenses, ultimately reducing overall costs. Additionally, the benefits of a weatherized finish extend beyond financial savings, offering property owners peace of mind and convenience with minimal maintenance and decreased likelihood of replacement.

      Industries such as beachfront properties, coastal hotels, and poolside facilities particularly benefit from weatherized door hardware finishes. In environments with constant exposure to humidity, salt, and chlorinated water, the superior protection of the W-Finish is essential for preserving door hardware functionality and aesthetics.

      W-Finish Maintenance Tips

      For optimal longevity of your weatherized door hardware finish, consistent maintenance is vital. Clean hardware regularly with a mild detergent and water, avoiding harsh chemicals that could harm the protective coating. Periodically inspect for wear or corrosion, addressing issues promptly. Neglecting maintenance and using abrasive cleaners are common pitfalls to avoid. Skipping upkeep can lead to premature deterioration, compromising the coating's ability to shield against corrosion, while abrasive cleaners can damage the protective layer, leaving hardware vulnerable to environmental harm.

      Let PDQ Protect Your Hardware

      Trust PDQ

      The benefits of the W-Finish weatherized hardware finish cannot be overstated. Investing in this durable protective coating for metal ensures longevity and reliability for your door hardware, even in the harshest environments. Please be aware that the W-Finish is exclusively available for the 626 (satin chrome) finish on GP cylindrical lock, GT cylindrical lock, 6W exit trim, and the 6300 or 6400 exit device.

      By choosing PDQ, you're not just safeguarding your hardware; you're investing in peace of mind. Don't compromise on quality – trust PDQ to protect your investment. Contact us today for further questions and discover how our weatherized door hardware finish can protect your property for years to come.

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