Cylinders & Keying

Interchangeable Cores

PDQ offers interchangeable cores in BEST® compatible Small Format (SFIC) and  Schlage® compatible Full Size, Large Format (LFIC).  Our highly skilled keying personal can design a keying system from a simple master key, to a complex system featuring, Master and Grand Master keys using the A2, A3 and A4 Systems. Along with designing new keying systems, PDQ can add to an existing system provided proper records are presented. In addition, PDQ offers both plastic and regular construction cores for use while work is in progress. This protects the integrity of the keying system while allowing use of the locks that are installed. The plastic construction cores are disposable, while standard construction cores can be returned for full credit.

Rim Housing
Mortise Housing

Specs – Small Format Core

  • 6 or 7 pin
Default Keyway:
  • BEST A
  • 606, 626

Specs – Large Format Core

  • 6 pin
Default Keyway:
  • Schlage C
  • 606, 626

Architectural Finishes

  • 606 (US4) - Satin Brass, Clear Coated

  • 626 (US26D) - Satin Chrome Plated, No Coating

Compatible Keyways

Other Keyways available. Contact PDQ Technical Service.


Key Systems Design

Master Key System
Master Key System

Keying Chart


Proprietary Keyways

Keyway (Best SFIC Compatible)PDQ Keyway Designator
PDQ ExclusivePDQ1
PDQ Exclusive
and Restricted
Keyway (Conventional and Schlage LFIC Compatible)TA